söndag 28 mars 2010

सका देत वारा så häर ??????

försök o läs det.. och var kommer det ifrån :-)
fub´nderar på om hararna e ryska.
Jag kom hem efter en födelsedagsmiddag in RL logged in at the cafe. in the doorway stood a H U G E bunnie ,

asked me for ageverification. hmmm this is my cafe, I say. He say, - Do I beleave you ?? phu.. zoomed into cafe,

on stage was Trio med bumb .. no with bonny..

in the bar was served carot drinks ,Dagny look like she been on solarium
( red/brown) carotin??? i think..
This bunnies have escaped from Swedish institut sim. I will bring them back after easter.. right now they rules the sim here so I keep quite ;-) and they are also kind of good looking

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